Research Programs

Advancing the understanding of sickle cell disease

Validation of the first clinical algorithm to predict painful crisis VocPredict

INNOVHEM has already conducted a cohort study on 110 patients that allowed to identify the optimal combination of predictive biomarkers and that enabled the development of a predictive model for painful crises using a nonsupervised approach of machine learning.
In order to consolidate and validate the performances of VocPredict, we are collaborating with leading academic medical centers to conduct a multicenter prospective study enrolling at least 300 adult sickle cell patients.

Read more about this study fits into our development program below.

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VocPredict development at-a-glance

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Identification of the determinants of organ damage

Thanks to collaborations with leading academic clinical centers, we have started a program to identify the determinants of renal damage, using a unique biological collection with more than 10 years of insight.

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